In the ever evolving world of information technology we at BGC know that staying current is crucial to any business from the sandwich shop taking orders online to a global financial institution where e few seconds offline can mean millions in losses .

We are committed to bringing you the most up to date and technologically relevant information and services see below some of our offerings.

Data backup / Cloud & Conventional

Probably the most important asset that a 21st century business has is data therefore we offer 2 backup options conventional for offline sites where no internet connection is available as well as secure cloud based backup for 24/7 data availability to ensure minimal down time.

Internet security and content control for PC & Mobile

We have partnered with ESET IT Security to bring you security software that not only provides world class virus / malware and ransomware protection but also fully customizable web content control for stopping the endless hours wasted by employees on social media or for parents who want to protect their under aged children from the ever growing perils of the internet.

Hardware & Software Supply

We supply all major IT hardware & software brands for small businesses up to large enterprises. If we do not currently supply the product that is required we will adapt to the needs of the client and find your product. Quality is our biggest priority when it comes to supplying of hardware that is why all our hardware products come with a factory warranty.

Assessment & Installation

Purchasing the right product for your business needs is often a very daunting task therefore we do an on site infrastructure assessment on all layers to insure that the correct solution will be provided to your business. We believe in communication you will be kept in the loop throughout the entire installation & commissioning phase to prevent any misunderstandings and to ensure that the end product meets your requirements.

Support & Maintenance

Even the best IT systems are useless without Support and maintenance. Prioritized support structure combined with a well planned maintenance schedule will ensure that your IT systems will keep running smoothly 24/7. Options for case by case support or monthly service agreements are available.

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